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Herzlich willkommen beim Kart-Club Kerpen
Datum: 16.02.2024 · KCK PURE RACING CUP
KCK PURE RACING CUP welcomes drivers from abroad

KCK Pure Racing Cup
The participation in the new KCK Pure Racing Cup for drivers from abroad is quite simple and possible. Drivers from abroad are warmly welcome to take part at our new karting series. The KCK Pure Racing Cup is a racing series for beginners and offers different classes. All CIK classes from Mini 60 to KZ2 as well as all IAME X30 classes, ROTAX classes and ROK classes are welcome to our races. Drivers from abroad just have to buy a so called DMSB race card that they are insured for the race day.

There will be 4 starting groups (MINI/JUNIOR/SENIOR/SHIFTER) which includes all different classes. To play more fair we will work with a simple balance of performance and bring the different performacne of the different engines/tyres more together.

The compact concept includes a trainings day on Saturday which is open to all participants (you have to buy a ticket on site) and includes a registration and scrutineering at the afternoon. The KCK Pure Racing Cup race himself takes place on Sunday and is a compact clubsport event with highest safety standards and officials according to our local regulations from the sporting federation DMSB. We offer on Sunday a warm-up in the morning following by a qualifiying for each group. In the afternoon eacht group will go on with 2 races, the podium ceremony will take place directly after each second race. The entry fee for each round on Sunday will be 150 €.

The racing series is part of 4 races, two of them will be hosted in other racing direction to make the events more attractive. Further the KCK Pure Racing Cup provides to all classifyed drivers an attractive support programm and offers differend scorings. All details could be found in the series regulations as well as in the support programme, both documents are posted in Englisch language at the Homepage of Kart-Club Kerpen.

For participation drivers from abroad just have to buy a DMSB race card which includes the insurance for the racing day. Please create an DMSB account under www.dmsbnet.de and follow the instructions or download the DMSB app, both ways are quite simple and eligible to buy the DMSB race card for the relevant racing day.

For entering you just have to use the online form which is published at our website. Note: to safe money please make your entry as soon as possible as the entry fee will grow up to 180 € from 1st March.

Please do not hesitate to contact the office of Kart-Club-Kerpen if you have any further questions.
Series Regulations
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Support Programme
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